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PCTG welcomes all members, supporters and consumers to view and utilize this web site. Our goals are to:

1. Assist Auto Body Collision Repair Professionals operating businesses across our Commonwealth to achieve proper compliance and enforcement of The Pennsylvania Motor Vehicle Physical Damage Appraiser Act, The Pennsylvania Unfair Insurance Practices Act – The Pennsylvania Unfair Trade Practices and Consumer Protection Law and corresponding Regulations.

2. Educate consumers by encouraging a clear understanding of their rights provided within Pennsylvania State Laws, Regulations and individual insurance policies.

3. Right To Choose: In the event of an automobile accident, consumer’s need to know they have the right to choose their auto body collision repair facility. The decision of where the vehicle is to be repaired is the vehicle owners not an insurance company’s. "No insurer, adjuster, appraiser or agent shall require that repairs be made at a specific repair facility." - Pennsylvania State Law

Conn. Sen. Blumenthal joins shops demanding 1963 Consent Decree preservation

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  • New video clips available on the PCTG News page - Ford Crash Parts vs. Non-OEM
  • Pennsylvania Ponders Election for Insurance Commisioner
    A bill that would make the Pennsylvania insurance commissioner an elected position has been introduced in the state’s House of Representatives... Read More at Insurance Journal Web Site

  • House Bill 509 Towing and Towing Storage Facility Standards Act Introduced On FEBRUARY 4, 2011
  • I Team Atlanta Follow Up Aftermarket Parts Story ... Read More and Watch The Video at the My Fox Atlanta Web Site
  • Toyota Releases Position Statement on "Alternative" Parts
    "The use of non-OEM structural components may compromise the overall crashworthiness and occupant safety of Toyota, Lexus or Scion vehicles ... "  Toyota Press
  • Now That You Know How Your Elected Official Voted  on House Bill 2041...
    Now you know how your State Representative feels about your consumers and your business. If your legislator voted in your favor call them and tell them thank you! If your legislator voted against your consumers and your business you need to make an appointment to sit with them and help them understand the mistake they made by allowing the insurance company to remove your consumers automobile property regardless of whether they consent. House Bill 2041 is not law. Senate Bill 1143 is the sister Bill which will move through the Senate and requires our attention. Most likely the Bill will move back into the House for Amendments as the Senate makes changes. Your Representative needs to know how you feel about this proposed legislation and how it will affect Pa.consumers.

  • House Bill 2041 Passed
    On March 17, 2010 House Bill 2041 was voted on the House Floor and passed by a vote of 139 to 52. This is after collision repairers, towers and mechanical repair professionals kept the insurance industry at bay for 2 months as House Insurance Committee Chairman Anthony DeLuca amended and changed the language to attempt and pacify those of us who worked to kill the proposed legislation. Our adversary, the Insurance Federation of Pennsylvania won this legislative battle.   ..... read the full press release House Bill 2041 Passed

  • READ THE LETTER TO Pennsylvania Insurance Commissioner Joel Ario

RE: Safety Concern: Aftermarket Crash Parts

"Plainly stated, citizens all across Pennsylvania and the entire country who are operating vehicles having been repaired utilizing untested and inferior replacement crash parts are in possible danger, as are their passengers."

Download and Read the full letter Joel Ario Letter PDF

  • Pennsylvania Towing Association Opposes House Bill 2041

The Pennsylvania Towing Association strongly opposes House Bill 2041 and urges its defeat. Without getting into the text of the bill, our first concern is that this "Towing Standards Act" is being railroaded through without input from the industry that it is designed to regulate. Efforts from the Pennsylvania Towing Association to participate in discussions relative to this bill have not been fully addressed, phone calls not returned, and much done under a cloak of secrecy. As a matter of general policy, this is not how good legislation should be developed.

... more  
PA Towing Association Opposes House Bill 2041  PA Towing Association Opposes House Bill 2041
  • House Bill 2041 - "Legalized Wreck Chasing"

An open commentary by Stephen E. Behrndt

" House Bill 2041 is legalized wreck chasing or reversed wreck chasing on behalf of the insurance industry and introduced through the House Insurance Committee. Legislated Wreck Chasing equates to making it legal for the insurance company to take over the automobile investment of the unaware consumer and delivering the damaged automobile to the insurance company’s contracted direct repair facility"

... more Legalized Wreck Chasing PDF   Legalized Wreck Chasing WORD

  • ALERT! House Bill 2041 is not good legislation for the Commonwealth's consumers.

"..... hidden within this legislation is language that will provide insurance companies and their salvage companies the ability to move a consumer's vehicles without their consent or knowledge."

Download this Letter to STOP HB 2041 MS Word Format  or Plain Text

Insert your letterhead at the top and your name at the bottom ....  print, sign and SEND!  FAX-FAX-FAX !!!!

Read House Bill 2041 currently in the Pa. House of Representatives. This is bad legislation for consumers their towers and their collision repairers. Click here to download the PDF or go directly to the State of Pennsylvania web site.

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