PCTG Consumer Complaint Report Record ID#: -1989892830

Date of Report Submission: 2/15/2018
Submitters IP Address:

Complaint Comments:
Mr. Milisits was given our repair sheet. Instead of properly indemnifying Ms. Amato for our bill, he chose to pick and choose how he would do it. Mr. Milisits was given OEM Position Statements, as well as invoices for some parts. He was also given a paint and materials calculation sheet after denying to pay for the Paint and Materials necessary. He disregarded every single document I handed him. He has not acted in a manner of public confidence when the vehicle owner tried to contact him on the subject. She contacted me immediately expressing of how much of a jerk Mr. Milisits was. These adjusters have history of acting in such mannerism. I make every attempt possible to make sure I follow the departments laws on how I act as a damage appraiser. The Department must begin to investigate complaints properly and enforcing there own rules. Do your job better.

Itemized Complaints
Violation of Act 367 Title 63, Ch. 22B:Yes
Violation of Regulation PA Code Title 31, Ch. 62:Yes
Violation of Unfair Ins. Practices Act Title 40, Ch. 4 :Yes
Refusal to use Quality OEM Parts:Yes
Non-itemized listing of all damages:Yes
Non-Independent Appraisal:Yes
Unprofessional Behavior:Yes
Inaccurate description of repairs :Yes

Consumers Information
Name:**removed for privacy**
Address:**removed for privacy**
Daytime Phone:**removed for privacy**Evening Phone:**removed for privacy**

Repair Facility Information
Repair Facility:610 MOTORS
State Appraiser License:767365
Shop Representative:Sergio Gaspar
Address:112 Washington St

Insurance Information
Insurance Company:Allstate Fire and Casualty
Claim Number:000489134262B02
Insurance Company Representative:William MilisitsDate of loss:1/18/2018
Appraiser License Number:152442
Insurance Company Phone:800-776-4510

Legislator Information
Consumer Legislative Representative:Samuelson, Steve (D) District 135Consumer Senator:Boscola, Lisa M. (D) District 18
Repair Facility Legislative Representative:Samuelson, Steve (D) District 135Repair Facility Senator:Boscola, Lisa M. (D) District 18

PCTG Consumer Complaint Report Record ID#: -1989892830

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