PCTG Consumer Complaint Report Record ID#: 1562177287

Date of Report Submission: 7/3/2019
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Complaint Comments:
The person assigned to my claim never informed me that they wanted my authorization to tow my car to CoPart to sell my vehicle to them. They made it seem like this was the process and I had to authorize it in order to get a settlement amount. I spoke to someone at Philadelphia Auto Body, where my vehicle is now, and they informed me what releasing my car to "CoPart" meant. I told David Maxwell from State Farm that if my car was already considered totaled why couldn't I just get my settlement amount. He has refused to give me my amount even though I have already him pictures of my vehicle and even asked him why the towing company couldn't take the car down the block to appraise and then bring it back. He later called me back and said that a new towing company would come get the car on Friday to inspect it and then bring it back. This was never an option when I first spoke to him. I began to complain that this was unexceptionable and that I needed my settlement number as soon as possible because I am in a rental that I am paying $50 a day for. He laughed at me and I then call his supervisor who didn't answered. I believe his name is Jodi. David sent me an email yesterday saying that the delay on my settlement figure was all my fault and that this would have all been settled by now if I would just authorize for CoPart to pick up my vehicle. I keep telling him the same thing, that they can come get the vehicle after I get the book value for my car. Today I received another call from a lady at State Farm asking for me to release the vehicle, I told her the same thing. If they have determined that the car is totaled, which she said they have, why can't I just get a settlement number and then they can have the car. This claim has now been opened for 8 days and is making no progress.

Itemized Complaints
Violation of Unfair Ins. Practices Act Title 40, Ch. 4 :Yes
Violation of Unfair Claims Settlement PA Code Title 31, Ch. 146, Subch. A:Yes
Unprofessional Behavior:Yes

Consumers Information
Name:**removed for privacy**
Address:**removed for privacy**
City:Drexel HillState:PAZip:19026
Daytime Phone:**removed for privacy**Evening Phone:**removed for privacy**

Repair Facility Information
Repair Facility:Philadelphia Auto Body
State Appraiser License:
Shop Representative:Ed

Insurance Information
Insurance Company:State Farm
Claim Number:389366M42
Insurance Company Representative:David MaxwellDate of loss:6/23/19
Appraiser License Number:
Insurance Company Phone:844-292-8615

Legislator Information
Consumer Legislative Representative:choose oneConsumer Senator:choose one
Repair Facility Legislative Representative:choose oneRepair Facility Senator:choose one

PCTG Consumer Complaint Report Record ID#: 1562177287

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