PCTG Consumer Complaint Report Record ID#: 1567694109

Date of Report Submission: 9/5/2019
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Complaint Comments:
This vehicle came in for repairs on 7/29 and had aftermarket parts listed on the estimate, we ordered the aftermarket parts from the vendor in our area that will service us and prepared a supplement for additional damages. We called in a supplement on 8/6 and had the aftermarket parts on order to inspect when the appraiser came out. On 8/7 Vincent Mucci was out and agreed that the aftermarket parts were not of the same quality that the OEM parts were, he then prepared his supplement and listed aftermarket vendors that he knows will not come here. We attempted to use aftermarket parts like they wrote for but they did not meet factory standard and now he is listing parts he knows are not available for us to purchase, this is in direct violation of the appraisers act they must list available parts for the repair.

Itemized Complaints
Violation of Regulation PA Code Title 31, Ch. 62:Yes
Arbitrary Capping & Underpayment:Yes
Refusal to use Quality OEM Parts:Yes

Consumers Information
Name:**removed for privacy**
Address:**removed for privacy**
Daytime Phone:**removed for privacy**Evening Phone:**removed for privacy**

Repair Facility Information
Repair Facility:classic coachwork
State Appraiser License:625286
Shop Representative:mike hannan
Address:125 west butler ave
City:ambler State:paZip:19002

Insurance Information
Insurance Company:Progressive
Claim Number:19-1150086-01
Insurance Company Representative:Vincent MucciDate of loss:07/24/19
Appraiser License Number:776126
Insurance Company Phone:215-384-8580

Legislator Information
Consumer Legislative Representative:Bizzarro, Ryan A. (D) District 3Consumer Senator:Street, Sharif (D) District 3
Repair Facility Legislative Representative:Sonney, Curtis G. (R) District 4Repair Facility Senator:Haywood, Art (D) District 4

PCTG Consumer Complaint Report Record ID#: 1567694109

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